The ResourceSmart Schools initiative created sustainability resource guides to inspire the commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm required by its key audience to make big changes and have long-term impact.

ResourceSmart Schools is an initiative of Sustainability Victoria that helps Victorian schools embed sustainability in everything that they do. The initiative created the 'How to' guides for two of its key modules; Water and Biodiversity. The guides can be downloaded from the Sustainability Victoria website as beautiful and brightly designed PDFs. 

In order to succeed, the initiative needs to motivate its audiences and provide them with the skills to make a real difference. Therefore these guides are practical, as well as inspiring, for their two distinct audiences; teachers and school management. The guides encourage both audiences to make structural and behaviour changes in their schools and local communities. To create this change, the tone of voice is clear and plain-spoken, as well as friendly and positive.

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Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)’s blog is a powerful tool that helps the agency engage its diverse audiences and achieve its overall purpose. ARENA’s purpose is to accelerate Australia’s shift to an affordable and reliable renewable energy future. Its role is to bring the best renewable energy ideas to life.

The blog is a useful way to share information, discuss ideas and inspire further innovation. It informs Australia about the interesting renewable energy projects, initiatives and advancements that the agency is supporting. The blog also discusses the questions, challenges and potential solutions that are relevant in our current renewable energy landscape.

There is a variety of contributors who write about a number of different topics. Therefore there is a range of voices and styles to interest ARENA’s different audiences.

The blog articles can be thoughtful, conversational and informal by using language that is playful, plain-spoken and interesting. Articles can also employ more direct, informative and specialised language to explain clearly the technical, political and fast changing world of renewable energy.

A selection of my ARENA blog articles: 
Perfect conditions in a former no-go area
From Elvis to the moon and the stars; a small town’s solar powered adventure
Big business beckons for locals
Deputy PM breaks ground on the (solar) farm

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The Gene Tree Project blog allows the artists and the scientist in this creative team to have intelligent conversations with its current audiences and support the team to build new audiences.

The Gene Tree Project is a dynamic collaboration between composer and musician Elissa Goodrich, dramaturge Nadja Kostich and evolutionary biologist Dr Anna Syme. The project draws upon DNA modelling to explore climate and science through new music. The performing Gene Tree Trio is composed of the musicians Elissa Goodrich, Adam Simmons and Gideon Brazil.

The blog’s audiences include existing and potential partners and presenters, as well as the people who attend performances.

The blog offers audiences opportunities to participate in the art through performances and reflect on the work of the Project through articles. The readers can learn about the Trio’s coming performances. It is also where readers gain insight into the whole team’s unique creative process, engage with the big questions and encourage thoughtful consideration.

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Our Watch created a progress report to showcase the good work the organisation has achieved and to introduce its future projects. As a consequence, the report demonstrates the organisation’s value and direction to help develop further partnerships and funding relationships.

Established in 2013, Our Watch provides national leadership to create an Australia where women and their children live free from all forms of violence. Our Watch builds the skills, capacity, knowledge, and agency of others so that change occurs at all levels of society. To achieve this, the organisation works in partnership with Government and institutions, organisations, communities and individuals.

The organisation has progressed significantly in its four short years of history. So this report is a celebration of the organisation’s communities, partners and funding supporters. The report comes alive through a powerful explanation of Our Watch’s purpose and approach, and through the words of its communities who describe the impact of the organisation.

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